Online Bingo Jackpots

Of course, it is great with winning the pot, but what would online bingo be without a chance of winning large jackpots? Most of the UK bingo sites out there provide rooms with enormous progressives. This article is all about how to get rich while playing bingo. Stick to the rooms without the big prize, if you just want to have fun and chat with your friends! If the gambling is all about winning, then read everything about UK online bingo jackpots below. Be in the know and educate yourself on gambling. This might be really profitable.

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Fixed Bingo Jackpots

Most likely, fixed bingo jackpots are the most popular type of jackpot. The amount you win is always the same. So, no matter how many times this prize has been won and how much money has been contributed to it. You win always the same sum of money. In order to win it, you have to get bingo (full house) on a certain number of balls. At the vast majority of UK online bingo sites, you get it also in case you hit the full house on less numbers, however in some cases you have to hit it on the exact number. Note, also, that if you prefer pattern bingo, you get the full house when you get your entire pattern covered.

What happens then if more than one player wins a fixed bingo jackpot? The amount of it gets split between the players. It is important to understand that one player can buy several bingo tickets and get a jackpot on more than just one ticket. So, for example, if you won a bingo jackpot on one ticket and another player from UK with the name NoDepositBingo won the same jackpot on three tickets, you will get only 25% of the total jackpot amount.

Yet another critical rule to understand when it comes to online bingo jackpots is that the game stops as soon as jackpot has been won. So, if your bingo game has a second chance feature, where the balls continue rolling out even after someone got a full house, you will not get a jackpot.

If you won the big prize, then winnings will get added to your cash balance as soon as the game ends. If you played with bonus money, you will get this as bingo bonus. Standard wagering rules apply. How much you have to play for in order to withdraw your jackpot winnings, depends on what your remaining wagering is. When the game is over, the jackpot amount of the fixed jackpot remains the same.

In some cases, the bingo jackpots might get stuck. If you experience this issue and don’t see the money in your account when the winning game is over, contact the site representatives. They should be able to help you. Our recommendation is that you always take a screenshot, as soon as you hit bingo jackpot. This will act as a proof in case your bingo site is stating that you haven’t won the prize. If you have issues with your site, contact the licensing authority. Make sure you play bingo only on sites that are licensed by UK Gambling Commission.

Progressive Bingo Jackpots

If you play bingo online, then you know that progressive bingo jackpots are the most attractive ones. They can grow for months and years and reach totally insane amounts. These online jackpots increase by a small percentage of every bet a bingo player makes.

Just so that you understand the technicalities behind how the bingo jackpot gets funded, here comes a short explanation from

1. Start Value Contribution

A certain percentage from every ticket you buy goes to cover the start value of the bingo jackpot. If this start value is high, then this percentage is higher. Note, that this amount is calculated and configured, based on average expected jackpot hit. So, even if a jackpot hasn’t been won for years, you still contribute to this start value.

2. Progressive Contribution

This part of bingo jackpot funding goes solely to the growth of the jackpot itself. Neither the bingo network, nor your operators keep any money to themselves. If a jackpot grows quickly, then the contribution is high.

The highest bingo jackpots in UK are network jackpots. This means that the players across many different sites all play in the rooms that are connected to the same pooled progressive bingo jackpot.

These bingo players can share the chat or have separate chat windows and chat hosts. The names of the rooms they play in can be the same or can be different. It all depends on the settings that the network and the bingo brand decide to use.

The rules of winning a progressive bingo jackpot are exactly the same as for the fixed jackpots. You split the winnings with other players if you win it at the same time. You need to win on certain number of balls or less.

How many balls are needed is often clearly stated inside of your bingo room. The same goes for the current amount of the jackpot win. An important difference between progressives and fixed bingo jackpots is that the former one is being re-set as soon as it has been won.

So, for instance, if a progressive bingo jackpot starts with £1000 and has been won at £2254, the amount of the jackpot in the game that follows the one where the jackpot has been hit will be £1000. For fixed jackpots, the amount of jackpot will always stay the same. Note that in some cases this re-set feature is not working as it should. This means that you see the wrong amount of your bingo jackpot, while the game is in progress. In these cases, it is smart to take a screenshot and provide it to your bingo operator, if you manage to win a progressive jackpot. They are obliged to compensate you for communicating wrong jackpot value.

Yet another thing that we think you should know about is the community jackpot. This type of progressive jackpot gets more popular with every year. It was introduced in the UK around 2010 by one large UK bingo brand. The idea has then been stolen by most of the online bingo software suppliers.

So, what is this thing with community jackpots? Why are all bingo players crazy about this online jackpot? The idea is simple: the sum of the total jackpot amount gets divided into two different parts:

  1. A certain percentage (often half of it) goes to the player who actually won it. All the standard rules and conditions for winning the bingo jackpot apply here;
  2. The remaining part gets split between all the tickets who participated in the game where this community jackpot was triggered. This means that you can bet on someone winning the online bingo jackpot in the next game. The strategy is a really good one, if you see a real bingo high-roller playing and want to win thanks to his fight against this jackpot. Note, that at many UK bingo sites online, you have to play for real money in order to have chance of winning this community jackpot.