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background picture bingo is one of UK:s biggest online bingo guides. Here you will find the reviews of some of the best new bingo sites and internet halls in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We provide you with welcome offers – no deposit bingo bonus and free spins, as well as the informative articles about the game itself. Note, that we review and recommend only the bingo sites with UK bingo license. We do our best to select the crème de la crème – online bingo sites, where your gaming experience is as safe and profitable as possible.

Online bingo tips

We truly hope that you will feel welcome here at and enjoy all the online bingo tips and deals that we have collected for you. Our goal is to write a vast number of articles, including the bingo beginner guide, where you will find all the tips you need in order to become a better player.

Apart from that, we will follow the latest bingo news and tips, including free spins campaigns, games with no deposit requirement and new site launches. As most of the bingo brands are also providing slot machine games, we intend also to write a few lines about slots every once in a while. Other articles will cover related subjects, such as payment methods, chat school and online bingo jackpot updates. One of the things we are planning to cover is the history of bingo. Finally, as today we play mobile bingo more often than ever, we will help you with tips on how to start playing bingo on the go on your iPhone, Android or tablet.

We hope you will find what you are looking for on our site and promise to keep all the information updated. With us you will not need to track all online bingo sites every day. It should be enough to visit our pages and read all the news. If you prefer to get no deposit bingo offers straight into your inbox, why not sign up for our newsletter? We are friends of quite a few gambling companies, which opens up for exclusive deals. This means that with us you will have better chances of receiving exclusive no deposit bingo bonus campaigns and free spins on your bingo deposits.

The main goal with our online bingo tips is to help the visitors to quickly and easily get started and win on bingo online. This, however, would not be complete without paying attention to addiction problems. Online bingo is extremely addictive, and so is mobile bingo. Therefore, we try to provide as much information as we can about diverse self-exclusions tools and options for setting a deposit limit on your bingo accounts. When playing bingo online, you should never play for more money than you intended to!

The Game of Bingo

Online gambling including the game of bingo has increased tremendously around 2010. Now online bingo is a bit less popular, while mobile slots are on the rise. Having said that, the bingo game has always been one of the most popular real money games in the UK. British people love this game and have a long history of playing it.  The only country in the world, where people love bingo just as much as in the UK – alot thanks to its strong bingo association – is Sweden. In Turkey the game of bingo is only played once a year – on New Year’s Eve.

Gambling operators soon noticed that online bingo is a winner. This is a social game and the focus here is on chat and interaction rather than on gameplay environment itself, as is the case with slot machines. Online bingo keeps all the focus on the social part. The majority of costs of the companies running their own bingo game sites goes to chat hosts salaries. This, of course, after the money you win on bingo.

These hosts are the main source of fun. They organize special tournaments, games and events. The most exciting games, if you ask us at, are the quizzes, where you quickly have to answer on the questions in chat. This makes playing online bingo games so much more fun! However, bingo is not all about fun. It is also about winning big prizes. Most of the online casino with this game in their offering and “plain” bingo halls offer large progressive jackpots. These extra prizes are often pooled. This means that you can win a really big bingo jackpot that the players from many different rooms and/or sites contribute to. You can win millions of pounds if you are lucky! By visiting our site, you get tips on all the best bingo promotions, including bingo game jackpots.

Bingo Slots

Among bingo players online it is extremely popular to play other casino games, such as bingo slots. By this term we don’t mean the slot games with bingo as their main theme, but rather slots as the side product on sites being branded as bingo portals.

Many of us who love bingo play slots, while playing the game. We do this by opening up so called bingo mini games within your bingo client. It has become very common, however, for bingo sites to also include online slots into their offering. These fixed odds games have their own lobby in the gambling portal menu.

Slots are considered to be a totally separate product and often are developed by a different supplier of casino games. This means that you can get an additional deposit bonus when you decide to give bingo slots a try. In some cases, no deposit bonus offer is up for grabs. You can get to spin these slot games for free either for extra bonus money or with free spins.

For those of you who prefer bingo to slots, these bonuses can be annoying. In this case, you have to make sure you don’t accept these bonuses when you make your deposits. If an online bingo site is not giving you an option to refuse the bonus offer, you should consider switching the site. Being a depositing customer, you have right to demand fair gambling experience. You should not be forced to play bingo slots online, unless you don’t want to.

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Free Online Bingo Offers

Many of the UK online bingo sites offer free bingo games to their new customers. Playing for free is something that makes it possible to get started without having to make a deposit. This is, of course, a perfect offer you can get. If you have never played bingo online and want to test the site before funding your player account with real money, that is the best case scenario. We all love free bingo.

Here at our site you can get a clear overview over the sites who offer free bingo games on registration. Apart from that, many of the gambling operators in UK have daily, weekly and/or monthly no deposit bingo games. We try our best to collect all the information about these offers, so that you get a full schedule of top bingo site free bingo offering.

This is, of course, great with playing bingo for free, but most of the sites with casino have another good extra bonus you can get, namely free spins on slots. Yes, you heard it right. As slot machines online are getting more and more popular with every week that goes by, even bingo sites are offering you some free spins on Starburst or other top slots nowadays. If they do, you can be sure that we will tell you about these offers on our pages. Check the reviews and read all the information about the bonus campaigns up for grabs! Check our page regularly, if you want to be in the know and then you will not stand any chance of missing any best free bingo offers and free spins.

Best Bingo Sites

There are plenty of bingo sites out there. We are here for you in order to help you to understand which ones are the best. As over 100 licenses have been issued so far in the UK, it is not easy to determine which site is worth a deposit. It does not matter from where you play bingo – a sunny house in England, an office in Scotland, a train in Wales or a boat going to Northern Ireland. With us you will receive the information about the best bingo sites online that are legal in the UK.

As our site is fairly new, we did not have to work hard on removing the reviews of those best bingo sites that we in Britain could play before the regulation. These were often licensed abroad and not in the UK. Many of them had Scandinavian management. Now their days are gone. We have enough great internet bingo sites in the UK. We see TV commercials about gambling on daily basis and stick to our own brands. Who knows better what a player from the UK wants? Of course, people who live in Britain.

One of the features of our site is a top list, where you can easily find all the best bingo sites. You don’t even have to click anywhere in order to understand the current situation. Our top list is based on player reviews and is dynamic. If you want to learn more, click on the links within these charts and read the reviews. Apart from writing about the bingo site itself, we will also provide an extensive information about free bingo games, bonus and free spins that you can claim on sign up

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